Average Youth Minister Profile

How Do You Fit into the Average Youth Minister Profile? What is the Profile of the Average US Youth Minister? Let’s look at an average youth minister in the US. A combination of ministers reveals the following profile.

  • 33 years old
  • Remains in a church position 3.9 years.
  • 75% are married
  • 76% are male.
  • 94% have a 2 year college or university degree
  • 49% of those with college degrees are ministry related majors and
  • 42% of those with degrees are in a youth ministry emphasis or major.
  • 62% serve in suburban ministry settings
  • The majority are Baptist (20%)
  • 38% receive no health insurance benefit;
  • 47% receive no continuing education, auto or travel allowance
  • 43% receive no housing allowance
  • 64% receive no social security contributions
  • 50% receive no budget for professional supplies, resources, or books.
  • 72% percent struggle with feelings of being inadequate or ineffective in ministry.
  • 64% who begin ministry under age 25 with no mentor will leave the ministry in less than 4 years
  • 78.4 % left youth ministry by age thirty-nine
  • 22% left during their twenties
  • 16% left the ministry in less than two years
  • 3.1 years average at a single position
  • 89% said they had considered leaving the ministry
  • 57% said they would leave immediately if they had a better place to go, including secular work.

While the above data is not a glowing testimony of tenure, it does dispel much of the myth regarding 18 month