TV Exposes Kids to Sex More than Internet

Youth Culture Update: Television Exposes Kids to Sex More than the Internet

We all know the Internet is a cesspool of salacious, tawdry activity; and kids can access all manner of sexual content with just a simple click.

However, researchers for the organization Internet Solution for Kids say that even if kids are exposed to tawdry content earlier nowadays, the Internet is typically not the main culprit.

According to the organization’s research, about 75 percent of youth are exposed to sexual content via television, and 69 percent say they hear quite a bit about sex through music. Ironically, the Internet is the lowest sexual influencer when it comes to media, with only about 16 to 25 percent of youth reporting seeing sexual content online. Even the alarming sexting stats we’ve been reading about are blown out of proportion, according to researchers. Teens who sext are pretty likely to be sexually active already (USAToday)