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Click here to view a list of churches and Student Leaders who have completed a rigorous 21 point on-site audit in order to become a facilitating student ministry example of health and effectiveness. Explore the possibility of becoming a Standard of Excellence partner by reviewing the benefits of certification.The world of youth ministry is in need of healthy student ministries that demonstrate a living, breathing model of healthy student ministry. Does your student ministry already qualify for the SE certification? Do you want to lead your people and ministry towards the exciting journey of being certified as an SE student ministry?

TEN BENEFITS of SE Certification:

  1. You and your ministry will receive a certificate of recognition presented by SME. The certificate gives notice to your church, pastoral staff, parents, volunteer team, and students that under your leadership, the Student Ministry meets or exceeds the standards for Student Ministry Excellence outlined in the certification requirements.
    1. press release to your church news outlet.
    2. framed certificate for mounted display in your church.
  2. A professionally designed seal of achievement (graphic) appropriate for letter head, website or other areas beneficial for placement.
  3. A shout-out of achievement in one of our SME video shoots and posted to our YouTube channel.
  4. Recognition on the SME website or social media outlet as an outstanding ministry model.
  5. A press release shared with the news outlet of your choice.
  6. The opportunity to host top quality interns affiliated with our CONNECT ministry initiative for the summer or semester ministry.
  7. The opportunity to stand as an endorsed, recognized example of healthy student ministry to other churches in pursuit of successful, impacting student ministry.
  8. A built in reference for speaking and or training opportunities that may flow out of the SE recognition.
  9. The certification process will automatically incentivize your leadership in striving towards a common goal of achievement.
  10. Morale and excitement is boosted as the leadership team and staff closes in on achieving certification.
  11. A 50% discount on any student ministry related preaching or training session after certification is completed. (1 year)
  12. A one on one consult to share needs, strengths and weaknesses expressed during interviews with volunteer staff, ministry staff, and leadership students.
  • The certification process is conducted through both a digital interview and on-site interviews in compiling a comprehensive ministry audit.
  • Certification is renewed annually to maintain standards for excellence. Second and third year renewal is half price.
  • Certification extends 6 months past the departure/transition/exit of a certified student minister.
Cost to become a certified Standard of Excellence Partner is determined by size of average church attendance rather than reported membership.
 Avg church attendance              Cost
s 250-500                        =          $1,200 annually/ $100 monthly
s 501-750                        =          $1,500 annually/ $125 monthly
s 751-1000                      =          $2,100 annually/ $175 monthly
s 1001-2000                    =          $2,700 annually/ $225 monthly
s 2001- up                       =          $3,000 annually/ $250 monthly
*Plus related expenses such as mileage (.45 cents per mile) to and from the ministry site and travel meals.

If you are interested in pursuing the high standard of excellence in student ministry, please contact Dr. Boyd to discuss some of the basic qualifications as well as an overview of the specific requirements covered in our 20 pt. audit.


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Booking a Seminar or Training Session

$950 -$1,500 per session (1hr. -1½ hrs) (all day is considered 3 or more sessions/ max in a day is 5 sessions.
(delete underlined section)
$100 off for each additional session, same location
Different topic same location
Plus expenses
Mileage is calculated at .51 cents per mile
Deposit is $100
Sunday AM before worship, during discipleship hour for Small group leader training
Sunday afternoon with lunch provided for most seminars or parenting sessions
Sunday afternoon and evening, especially if there is no PM worship service or the pastor supports a simultaneous training coinciding during worship time
Wed night during Student gathering for parenting seminar or other leadership training
Overnight retreat dedicated to leadership training
Saturday 9AM-Lunch for small group leaders
Eg. To train our small group leaders to be highly effective in helping students grow in their spiritual disciplines

Book Dr. Boyd to speak/preach at your camp, retreat, youth event.

$350 -$500 per session
$1500 for one camp week (3-5 messages) ex: AM or PM session only
$2500 for one camp week (8-10 messages) ex: AM and PM sessions each day
$500 Add a training/seminar session during camp, retreat or other event at same location
Plus expenses
Mileage is at  .51 cents per mile
Deposit is $100

EXCEL Initiative

The EXCEL initiative is typically 6-9 months.


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Poker Boyd’s love for teens came through loud and clear with our students.  His life and ministry reflect his passion for youth ministry and we were the beneficiaries of his experience and expertise while he was with us. Poker is a man of deep conviction and focus; yet his message was clear and also easy for our students to grasp. Poker is the kind of youth ministry leader we want our students to meet.”   Roger Glidewell Founder, Executive Director Global Youth Ministry (formerly Sr. Student Pastor of FBC Orlando, FL)

We especially want to thank Charles Boyd for helping us through his Student Ministry Essentials consulting organization. What a blessing Poker has been to us during this season! He is a true, experienced professional who loves God and this church. We are grateful for his vision in creating this unique ministry and for being such a strategic help in preparing us for a greater future in student ministry. Student Ministry Essential truely was a consulting, empowering, encouraging, and equipping ministry for our students and student leadership.

Dr. Jay Dennis, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church at the Mall

Dr. Charles (Poker) Boyd is both an academician and practitioner in Student Ministry. As an adjunct professor for The Baptist College of Florida, he has excelled in both facets of the work. I recommend him to you for biblical, Godly, and practical leadership of students and student leaders.

Robin Jumper Ph.D. The Baptist College of Florida

Poker Boyd came and brought ALL of his resources with him: a servant’s heart, love for our students, encouragement for our parents, personal integrity, unbridled enthusiasm, and a contagious love for Jesus.

Dr. Phillip Hanes, Idlewild Baptist Church, Tampa, Florida

I have used SME for many youth ministry needs. But my favorite resource is the leadership training (Essential Seminars) designed for youth leaders. Poker uses his many years of experience, along with his knowledge of current youth trends, to effectively communicate to youth leaders how to reach teenagers in our world today.  Our youth leaders look forward to our yearly training weekend; to quote one of our leaders, “It’s more than a reminder, it’s like drinking a Red Bull full of youth instruction.”

Obrien Satcher, Student Pastor, First Baptist Church of Henderson TX

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