Cost $950 per visit

The cost for the My Campus option is not determined by an amount per course. Instead, the cost is determined by how many class room visits you want set up. Each on-campus visit cost $950 with a 3 visit minimum and 6 visit maximum. Fewer class room visits require longer class sessions but over a condensed period of time. Conversely, a greater number of class room visits require less intensive sessions spread out over a longer period of time.

*Compare – – the average cost of a 3 credit hour on campus course at a Christian College/University is $1,250 excluding books.

The ISME certification is equivalent to 5 courses which cost between $4,000 and 15,000 if obtained on campus at a Christian College or University. The MY CAMPUS option gives you the benefit of the class room coming to you – to your location – to your church/campus! Plus, if you serve in student ministry, you will receive the exclusive SME 21 point student ministry health assessment completely free! (A $3,000 value) Each ISME student also has access to the professors Tool Box with all the resources from today’s cutting edge applications to proven time tested strategies and principals. This Tool Box access is available nearly 24/7 ready to help, listen and share when you call, email, FT, Skype or text.

*EARN THIS discount: enlist additional participants who share the same schedule and split the travel expenses. Plus, when two or more students register, each participant receives $100 refund check after the certificate is earned for recruiting one or more paying participants. Each student still receives individualized attention and an on-site visit.

Book a group package of 3 or more and pay a flat fee of $2,500. *The group rate is an option for Student Ministry friends to save money or for youth ministers who want to train their volunteer team at the same time.

Expenses are billed at cost plus mileage (if occurred) at .45 cents per mile.

Three step process

  1. Register online or give me a call (850.322.2104) to start the process.
  2. Determine your preferred start date.
  3. Pay your fee and order your books


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Booking a Seminar or Training Session

$950 -$1,500 per session (1hr. -1½ hrs) (all day is considered 3 or more sessions/ max in a day is 5 sessions.
(delete underlined section)
$100 off for each additional session, same location
Different topic same location
Plus expenses
Mileage is calculated at .51 cents per mile
Deposit is $100
Sunday AM before worship, during discipleship hour for Small group leader training
Sunday afternoon with lunch provided for most seminars or parenting sessions
Sunday afternoon and evening, especially if there is no PM worship service or the pastor supports a simultaneous training coinciding during worship time
Wed night during Student gathering for parenting seminar or other leadership training
Overnight retreat dedicated to leadership training
Saturday 9AM-Lunch for small group leaders
Eg. To train our small group leaders to be highly effective in helping students grow in their spiritual disciplines

Book Dr. Boyd to speak/preach at your camp, retreat, youth event.

$350 -$500 per session
$1500 for one camp week (3-5 messages) ex: AM or PM session only
$2500 for one camp week (8-10 messages) ex: AM and PM sessions each day
$500 Add a training/seminar session during camp, retreat or other event at same location
Plus expenses
Mileage is at  .51 cents per mile
Deposit is $100

EXCEL Initiative

The EXCEL initiative is typically 6-9 months.