Four absolutes on my mind

Three, no Four Absolutes in creating an honest healthy ministry.

1. ALWAYS Plan with Ministry Purpose! It doesn’t have t always be serious or deeply spiritual but it does need to meet of of the biblical based essentials (Fellowship, Evangelism, Ministry, Worship or Discipleship)

2. Remember that Every Student is a Window to a FAMILY – not represents a family but rather is a window to a family. That means we minister TO and THROUGH students to the greater end.

3. Every Student counts the same in a healthy ministry. Never, Never court, lure, enlist or pursue the athlete, musician, singer, beauty, stud or skilled student over and above the average, normal introverted struggling teen.

4. Prayer will supersede a boat load of stupidity! No matter whether you consider your student ministry to be one of the HAVES or HAVE NOTS, without prayer, it is empty, lifeless and . . . unhealthy! No matter what it looks like on the outside.