A Few Student Ministry Stats

•88% of children raised in Christian families leave church at the age of 18, never to return (SBC).
•A majority of adults no longer consider Christianity America’s default faith (Barna).
•64% of decisions for Christ are made before the age of 18, and 77% are made before the age of 21 (Barna).
•An estimated 4% of the “bridger” generation, or Gen Y, will be Bible-believing Christians when they reach adulthood. Their grandparents’ generation: 65%. Their parents’ generation: 35%. (Bridger Generation by Thom S. Rainer).
•A student ministry that provides outwardly focused ministries keep 61% of students compared to 47% of those who do not. (Rainer)
•A student ministry that provides mission action as a componant of regular ministry will keep 11% more students than those who do not.(Rainer)