Can’t stop it, Can’t move it

Ever heard this question? What happens when an unstoppable force or object collides with an immovable object?
The standard answer and the one I was always told is that the end result of this scenario would be Total Destruction. But recently I discovered that this is not the case. A physics professor explained it this way: The nature of the immovable object is that it can’t be moved, and the nature of the unstoppable object is that it can’t be stopped. So, if by chance the unstoppable and the unmovable should meet, their collision would form a new object possessing the nature of both entities.
The nature of the new entity will be both immovable and unstoppable and the two objects would no longer exist, but rather is molecularlly transformed into the newly created entity. This cuased me to consider this: When God’s unconditional, absolute love collides with His unmovable law of sin and death, the result is the destruction of the old self and out of it – a New Creation, a new entity is born. ‘
So let the collision begin . . .