Cell Phone Rescue

I recently saw a commercials for a Smart Phone that will actually “save” you from your cell phone. The commercial is sort of cool but I am not sure a phone can cure our generation of this present “connection” epidemic. Yes, epidemic because some people do not have any will-power or edicate when it comes to their cell.

The implication from the commercial is that people are so attached to their phones for daily scheduling, life style data, social networking, on the job communication and customized information resource that they need rescuing from their phone.

I have watched people walk through parking lots with eyes glued to a 3.5″ screen so focused that their life was endangered from reasonable motorist.
I see moms who cant give attention to their children because “every” phone call must be answered. Like a speed dialing tornado they multi-task between text, talk and taxi service; conquering the day like a professional cell-mate. I watch dads who look like corporate phone zombies- dead to all that is around them except the life umbilical of of the blackberry or iphone. They have no willpower over the ring – and the little league game soon turns into a after hours sales call.

Phone Etiquette: don’t get me started. I would love to tap the guy on the shoulder in the booth next to me at lunch and say: Hey buddy, yeah you with the blue tooth in your ear – do you mind taking that call outside where no one gives a crap. Does the concept of “common space” mean anything in the book of courtesy anymore?

BTW . . . the blue tooth is not really all that cool anymore, so lets all agree that we can remove the little blue-light-blinkers unless driving. Besides, walking around Walmart or the local lunch deli talking to yourself no longer impresses whoever it is that needs impressing – unless the person is sporting a “mullet” cut and still gets a excited when Billy Ray sings Achey Breaky.

Are smart phones really that great? Yes, just ask my digital assistant on my iphone. The apps are amazing! Besides keeping me informed, they make me appear Geek-Squad approved.
But, do we need rescuing . . . I think so . . . but the newest phone out there will not be able to rescue us.
A simple exercise of self-control and discipline will do the trick.
So here is some Rocket Science – Put the phone down. Leave the call for later. Let your kids see you decide NOT to take the call because your with them. Wait on that reply text. Give the kids in the family taxi your full attention. And for heaven sakes . . . stop texting and driving before you KILL SOMEBODY!
PS the verdict is still out on Voice-to-Text apps while driving :)