Child Rescue – my passion comes to fruition

Isaiah 1:17 gives us a clear mandate: Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case for the widow. Isaiah is pleading with a nation and generation who was blind to the plight and suffering of their fellow human beings. Not that our cause is to be social antidote to the world’s hurts but much more. We, by our actions and response to human suffering, are to introduce Christ to the forgotten and invisible. Through meeting basic human needs, rescuing the oppressed and bringing freedom to the captive, the hopeless learn trust, the faithless discover belief, and the helpless gain assurance while the love of Christ is demonstrated. What we do in the name of Christ gives us a platform from which the lost may know, hear and see the love of Christ amidst an evil and dehumanizing enemy.

A huge passion of SME is to assist with intervention and relief projects that relieve the suffering of countless international children and teens.

I like the story of the starfish:

A man was walking on the beach after a storm and witnessed thousands of starfish washed up on shore. He sat down and pondered how helpless they were out of water and that most all would eventually die from sun exposure. He then observed another beach walker who had come upon the same scene. But this man was bending over, picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The first man spoke up saying: Why are you doing that? You do realize that your efforts are incidental and meaningless among so many. What you are doing makes no difference in the big picture. The man bent over and picked up another starfish and as he turned to throw it into the sea, he said: it certainly makes a difference to this one!

There are so many children being exploited around the globe, how can you make a difference – one human being at a time. Your efforts in caring make take many forms, but multiplied in the hands of God will make all the difference in the world to the one God uses you to rescue. Perhaps God has chosen you to be some little girl or boys answer to prayer. Just because you can’t do everything, should never prevent you from dong something!

Just because my kids are safe and your kids are safe, does not mean the rest of the world’s kids are safe. In fact, human trafficking, child sex trade, slave labor and child soldiers have been steadily increasing over the past decade.

Child Rescue seeks to provide direct support through personal involvement, financial assistance, and increased awareness to accomplish a threefold purpose.

†1. Direct Victim Relief: CR supplies direct and collaborative assistance to those striving for the immediate relief and rescue of child slaves and sex trade victims.†

2. Victim Care: CR helps sponsor transitional counseling and skills training for those who have been rescued from the hands of evil. CR provides support to rehab centers and shelters who are involved in the tender job of salvaging, reshaping and transforming the lives of victims so that they may experience the transforming power of Christ from the inside out and return to a productive new life in Christ.

3. Community Awareness: The simple truth is this; no Christian can hear, see or know what is happening every hour of every day and feel no compulsion to do something. Maybe you feel led to pray, others to give, still others to carry the torch of awareness and mobilization. Get your church, school or youth group involved by in some way, on some level and see what God will produce through your efforts.

Examples of Exploitative Activity

Sexual Abuse
† Slavery
† Human Trafficking (abduction, forced prostitution or labor)
Child/Teen soldiers