Christian Response to OB being stalked and killed

I have been listening to radio and reading blogs today about the death of OB. I like the exchange taking place in many of the Christian posts but it never surprises me how people who enjoy the comfort of living in a country that actually enforces the Rule of Law and defends its freedom through necessary force, find it offensive to interpret the bible correctly regarding justice, capital punishment or killing during time of war. How much of the OT do progressives want to cut out in order to find their “comfort level” with the inspired, infallible word of God – oops there’s the problem . . . progressive revelation.
Might as well open that hanger door for all those who like to “fly” the plane but can’t seem to land it.
If political correctness creeps any further into the faith community we will have to commission a Universalist or Progressive to write a whole new bible – one that fits our culture and sophisticated, civilized society where no one is offended, left out or held accountable for personal choices – a happy place where everybody gets a trophy and hell is empty.
OK, that was a bit harsh and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s psyche, but I already admitted to being weary of the love, love, love crowd that sounds more often like a boy-band song than someone rightly dividing the word of truth. Some people get so politically correct that they rationalize every point of justice, wrath and vengeance weather a direct hit from the voice/hand of God or indirectly through the results of war. You CAN get so open-minded that your brains fall out.

What if OB’s attack on the WTC had been a home invasion? It would be a different story and harder for liberals to explain why force unto death is objectionable. Story – Repeat offender and known murderer breaks into your home with intent to kill you and your family. But, you are prepared for such a day – one you hoped and prayed would never come – but it did come and rather than falling to your knees to reason with the intruder or squatting in the closet praying over your wife and kids, you took your gun and shot him as evil-incarnate busted down your bedroom door.. No the psycho is not our enemy (as someone will surely remind me) but he is oppressed and controlled by the enemy so much so that the bullet cant tell which one to hit – so I shoot him because the life of my family is my priority and responsibility before God. If it had been a home invasion, my first prayer after emptying my clip into him, would be: “ Thank you God for granting me the mercy of life and for allowing me the terrible success of killing this psycho murdering fanatical religious child made in your image. and Thank you father for sparing the lives of other innocent victims he has sworn to murder (all Americans and Jews) so that they may have the chance to experience salvation before it is too late. Thank you for saving me from death, thank you for sparing my family and thank you that this enemy of humanity and life is dead.

I do not celebrate the addition to hell that surely increased by (1) when OB fulfilled his reservation but I do rejoice in the justice and mercy of God to stop him from perpetuating unspeakable and horrific murder on innocent men, women and children – some of whom undoubtedly left this world without knowing Christ.
Hats off to the Navy Seals and for those who risked their life that we may live in freedom to express our faith – liberal, conservative and everything in between.

OK, that feels better . . .