Leadership Style

Dictator, Winger or Equipper?

In ministry, you are of course called upon to lead, manage, mentor and guide. It is interesting to observe the variety of leadership styles that exist among ministers.
Most student leaders will readily claim they are Equippers, but my observation suggest that it is a mixed bag of nuts. Often I see a hybrid or adaptation that is effective in some form but too often a form of leadership emerges that is something less biblical, effective or fruitful.
The Dictator is recognized for the following management characteristics.
1. Rule #1 – I lead, you follow, I am the boss, you serve Christ by serving me.
2. Prefers managing paid staff such as ministry assistants of interns rather than volunteers.
3. Personal loyalty is highly regarded and highly rewarded

The WINGER is characterized by:
1. The thrill of spontinaity
2. The excitement of the unknown or unplanned
3. The “lets play it by ear” phylosophy.

The EQUIPPER is characterized by
1. The joy that comes from seeing voluntees become ministry leaders.
2. The excitement of not being in charge of details and minsitry tasks
3. Ministry initiatives dedicated to developing disciple/ministers rather than managing events.
4. Prioritizing time according to those ministry tasks that require a ministr to accomplish.

May we all strive to be equippers of saints rather than directors of positions.