Student Minister Tenure

Most of us have heard it quoted that the average length of a youth minister’s stay at any one church is a year and a half. Even though this little stat has been a staple food among church chatters for a long time it should be put to rest.

A research group has went on record to help put an end to the 18 month myth. The newest research shows the average paid student ministry leader remains at their church for 3.9 years. What an improvement real data can make to the perception of student ministry gypsies.

While this is encouraging information, lets not begin the dance too soon. We need to keep in mind that the life expectancy of a professional quarterback is 6.9 years and the life expectancy of a full time student pastor is just 6.8 years.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much the two jobs have in common?
1. They are both glorious and grand jobs.
2. No one cares what you did last year. Its this season, this semester that counts.
3. Everyone knows the right play to call for each situation. Monday morning brings everything to light.
4. Everyone knows what your signing bonus was.
5. The weight of the team is upon your shoulders.
6. The owner reserves the right to interfere with the management and coaching.
7. The fans can be fickle.
8. The pay scale and off season are nearly identical (OK,just the first seven)