Survey results Shock MTV

Survey results Shock MTV
A groundbreaking survey from an unlikely source backs up what family groups and youth ministers have been
saying about kids all along. The survey reveals that teens are highly influenced and attracted to role models and family.
While not extremely suprising to those in the youth ministry trenches, this is really good news. The MTV/Associated Press poll shows what kids really desire is TIME with family.
Four areas of the survey are outlined below.

The survey question was: What makes you most happy?
The top response garnishing 20 % from teens age 13 to 24 was spending time with family.

Seventy-three percent of teens are somewhat or very happy with their relationship with their parents.

Many parents wrongly assume that teens simply do not want to spend time together. The truth is, they want their
space and they want their family too!

Lead Parents and Teens to make time for both!

50% ot teens also said that one or both parents are their heroes.