Using YouTube

How to capture, download and use YouTube video

Option #1 go to
After downloading the program, go to and copy the link in the browser while the video you want is currently playing.
Click on the Downloader program and paste the link inside the box. It will probably appear automatically and you will not have to paste the link. Inside the lower box (Paste) the link and change the destination where you want to save the video.
This will save the video in a quicktime/apple format.
If you want it to play well with other kids (like by Coupon Companion Plugin”>windows) you may prefer to convert it to a wmv format. I like to use AVS, FLV or PRISM.
Option #2
Go to and select the video you want to capture.

Right click and copy the URL ex: (

  1. Open another webpage and go to

  1. Once you are at FLV retriever website, paste the URL address into the box from your Youtube video selection. Once pasted into the box, click on RETRIEVE NOW!
  1. After you click Retrieve Now, the video file address will be captured for conversion.
  1. Choose the option: save as a new file and then you can rename it as a .flv file
  1. When prompted, save the file to your by Coupon Companion Plugin”>desktop or your video file folder.
  1. Once it is saved, simply go to the file, right click on it and choose rename. Then rename the file you want it to have AND add the file ending .flv (that’s .flv) Once you have renamed the file and saved it as an flv file, you can now convert it to a useable format of your choice.
  1. Open up a converter program such as (www.AVSvideoconverter) or another inexpensive or free converter.
  1. Use the Browse button to retrieve the video that you just renamed to an .flv format file.
  2. When the file has been retrieved, select the format you desire to convert you video to – such as WMV for using by Coupon Companion Plugin”>Windows Media Player or MOV for using Quick Time Player. Then click on Convert Now!
  3. Once the conversion is complete, locate the new video to test it out. Now you can delete the flv file (chances are you will not use it for anything else unless you use an flv video player.
  4. Finished